Down The TBR Hole #2

It’s been a while since I participated with this meme. Click here for the 1st post. Progress: I read Spelled by Betsy Schow and loved it 🙂

This meme was started by Lost in a Story (not sure why the link is odd).

Here are the rules:

  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5, or 10 (or even more!) if youre feeling adventurous, books. Of course, if you do this weekly, you start where you left off the last time.
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

The Books


Dishing the Dirt (Agatha Raisin, #26)Dishing the Dirt by M.C.Beaton*

This is book 26 in the Agatha Raisin series. That’s right 26! Now I prefer to start a series at the beginning, even when it’s not necessary. Sometimes it’s not possible because there are so many books. And then I forget which I have read. As is the case with these. I don’t think I’ve read this one. But I want to.



Serafina and the Black Cloak (Serafina, #1)Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty*

It’s set in the historic Biltmore Estate…and there’s a ghost. At least I think there’s a ghost. Look at that cover. It’s gorgeous. I’ll have to get this one at the library. Reading the blurb I noticed the accent. Mixed feelings.



A Batter of Life and Death (A Bakeshop Mystery, #2)A Batter of Life and Death by Ellie Alexander

Book 2 in a series. Murder, baking, and chocolate mixed with a reality TV show. Sign me up.




NeverwhereNeverwhere by Neil Gaiman

I own this one and have for some time. I’ve never read one of his books. In all honesty- he scares me just a little. I shall move this to my Fall TBR. I will read it.



The Friends of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury                   The Friends of Jesus (Heart of the Story, #2)

Giveaway. The blurb interests me but not enough to read the book




Sea Lovers: Selected Stories by Valerie Martin

Sea Lovers: Selected Stories

I want to read this for two reasons. 1- the cover is beautiful. 2- the short stories sound fascinating.



Louisiana Saves the LibraryLouisiana Saves the Library by Emily Beck Cogburn

It sounds like a quirky story but … not interesting enough and maybe a touch cliche.




*These two were recently spotted on clearence at BAM. I guess I should have bought them.

The Take Away

Goal: Read Nevermore by Febrary 1st! It’s on my Kindle I have no excuse.

I deleted 2 books from my Goodreads list.

Placed 4 books on my  IGTIBID List. (I’ll get to it before I die)

I’m undecided on 1 book. I probably will not read it.

That brings my Goodreads TBR shelf to 942 books!

Autumn TBR Final

Titles with a red slash through it means I didn’t get to it before Halloween. After that I changed titles to include those with a Christmas flare:)

While I failed at NaNoWriMo due do kitchen revitalization and then Christmas chaos, I did succeed in reading a ton of books. So that’s soemthing. I may have to change this to a reading blog. Just kidding. I will get around to writing…eventually.

Autumn TBR

  1. Search for the Dead by Sheila Connolly
  2. Pumpkin Killer by Stacey Alabaster
  3. O’ Happy Dagger by Monica Knightly
  4. Off the Leash by D.D. Van Dyke
  5. Kissing the Werewolf by Kendra Ashe
    Better than expected. More sex and language than a traditional cozy
  6. Yesterday’s Thief by Al Macy
  7. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahme-Smith I enjoyed this more than expeced. Goes well with the movie.
  8. Pumpkins in Paradise by Kathi Daley
  9. Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
  10. Candy Corn Murders by Laslie Meier
    I enjoyed this read but found it a little heavy handed at times
  11. The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks
  12. Fairy Eyeglasses by Emily Martha Sorensen
  13. Familiar Trouble by Carolyn Haines
  14. Ghostly Interests by Lily Harper Hart
  15. In for a Penny by ?
  16. Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase
  17. Darkness Echoes by L.A. Starkey
  18. False Identity by Jennifer Youngblood
  19. Spelled by Betsy Schow
    Funny read. Wonderful YA fairytale retelling of the Wizard of Oz. First in the trilogy.
  20. Nightmares by Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller I enjoyed it but I think I’m a little old for it.

Other books read:

  • ‘Tis the Witching Time by Monica Knightley
  • Haunted Mobile by Elizabeth Parker
  • Nun Too Soon by Alice Loweecey
  • Hook, Line, & Blinker by Jana Deleon
  • Murder at the Book Fair by Steve Demaree
  • Bones on the Bayou by Carolyn Haines
  • Ino’s Love by Marianne Sciucco
  • Zero Trouble by John Lange
  • You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato, She Says Murder by Duncan Whitehead- I really enjoyed this. So much so that I need to find other books he has written.
  • The Faerie Key by Denise D. Young
  • A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg- I love Fannie and have been looking for a copy of this book. Finally found one at the library. Sweet story.
  • A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd- Yes, that movie but the story. Or rather a series of short stories the movie is based on.
  • Dashing Through the Snow by Mary Higgins Clark
  • Gingerbread at Moonglow by Deborah Garner
  • The Christmas Chronicles by Tim Slover
  • All Through the Night by Mary Higgins Clark
  • Santa Cruise by Mary Higgins Clark (not my favorite)
  • A (Gingerbread) diorama of Death by Gin Jones- Surprisingly good and will read more.

I told you I read a lot! Since Sept. 22 I read 31 books! If I counted properly which can’t be trusted at the moment. I’ve had a lot of caffeine.

GoodReads Challenges

Earlier, I mentioned I was participating in a few reading challenges. Here is the breakdown.

The Autumn Challenge runs from Sept 22 to Dec 21. I lifted this from the site:

This is a “spell-it-out” challenge, where you will spell out a word (or words) using one of two options:
1. Use only the first word of a title. (The words “the”, “and” “a” and “an” do not count.)
2. Use an author’s first or last name.

I am spelling out:

B-L-A-C-K  C-A-T  G-H-O-S-T

Example: “B” is Bundle of Trouble by Diana Orgain (I think!)

“L” is for Leighann Dobbs, Killer Cupcakes

I thought of listing all the books I planned on reading for this, but I didn’t want to Jinx it! I have a list of 13 books to read for this challenge. I have plenty of time ;D As I read books I will include them in the end of the month TBR final post.

My lovely black cat.

My lovely black cat.

The October Mini Challenge is a bit different. It is only for October and deals with themes and book covers. Kind of like a scavenger hunt. From the site:

1. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month — Read a book with mostly pink in the cover.

2. October 2 is Name Your Car Day — Read a book that features some sort of vehicle (car, truck, snowmobile, etc.; toy or real) on the cover.

3. October 12 is Cookbook Launch Day — Read a book that features cooking or some sort of eating establishment (café, diner, food truck, restaurant, etc).

4. October 21 is Count Your Buttons Day — Read a book featuring buttons or other sewing paraphernalia on the cover.

5. October 28 is Frankenstein Friday, October 29 is National Frankenstein Day, October 30 is Mischief Night, and October 31 is Halloween and Carve a Pumpkin Day — Read a book set at Halloween, or that features a pumpkin, witch or a monster on the cover.

My October reading list covers all of these except #4. I don’t have a book with sewing on the cover. I’ll have to find one at the library or used book store.

Feel free to read along.  You can find me here on GoodReads

Happy Reading


July TBR

We are at the halfway mark for summer. School starts here August 8. I know shocking. I have ordered school textbooks and will soon be buying uniforms and school supplies. Summer passes so fast. Sadly, I’ve only been to the beach once. If that’s not enough, the presidential election is in a few months and puts me in the mood for something historical. I’ll have to take a trip to the library and see if I can find something on the American Revolution. Or maybe a biography on an Olympian…athlete that is not Athenian. So many books to read.


July TBR


  • The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass, I’ve actually read the to 122. It’s a bit dry but it’s filled with good information.
  • 45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. I hope to read this, although it smells like cigarettes. It may go back to the library unread.
  • The House That Made Me edited by Grant Jarrett. Writers on the people and places that defined them.
  • Story Trumps Structure by Steven James.
  • The Pact by Jodi Picoult


  • Mardi Gras in Mobile by L. Craig Roberts. It has lots of fun pictures!
  • Storm Front by Jim Butcher. It took a while to find book 1 in the Dresden Files.
  • Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell


  • Joy, A Kate Redman Short Story by Celina Grace
  • Sharpe Edge by Lisa B. Thomas (S)
  • A Ghost for Christmas by J. D. Winters

You may notice a theme on the Kindle. They are all Christmas stories. Summer is sizzling here, add hot flashes to the forecast and I am about to melt. I’m hoping a little “cool” reading will help.

*Edit- I just signed up for the Goodreads 2016 Summer Challenge in the Cozy Mysteries Group. I have until Sept. 21 to read books with first letters (or authors names) to spell out- Ocean Waves. Hmmm, I’ll need different books. I can use Sharpe Edge for the “S” in waves.

What do you plan on reading this month?