Princess Buttercup

I’ve had the Buttercup dress finished for a few weeks, but I just took decent pictures of it. I had planned to make her sister a flannel tunic today but decided against it due to lack of sleep. Never sew when you’re tired. Fabric is too expensive to mess up. I decided to play catch-up with a few writer things instead.

If you inhale deeply you can smell Cranberry Orange Scones cooking in the oven. I love cranberries and bought a monster-sized bag at Costco. Oh, the things I will bake. I wonder if cranberry sauce can be frozen?

On with the dress.




Isn’t she cute? It’s not a perfect fit. If you’ve never sewn before you are blissfully unaware at how bizarre clothing pattern sizes are. To give you an example: Buttercup wears a juniors 6 or 8. This pattern is a misses 18! Talk about causing body issues! I took it in in places and enlarged it in others to fit her athletic build. It should fit her for a year or two. After spending weeks making it, I told her she has to wear it once a week 🙂


This isn’t an exact copy of Buttercup, but the closest I can find. The one in the movie is more of a riding dress. Check it out here. Ok, it’s not much like it at all, but I had to work with patterns I could find. The important thing is Baby girl is happy. That’s all that really matters.

I will post a family picture of the entire krewe after Halloween.

What’s you costume?




Fall Fun

I love fall. It doesn’t last long here, but I enjoy it while it’s here. Why do I love fall? Here are a few reasons:100_7379

  1. Pumpkins! What’s not to love about these roundish, orange, vegetables. Carve them with funny faces and roast the seeds. I do draw the line with pumpkin spice everything. I think I came across pumpkin spice Oreos the other day. Really- it’s gone too far.
  2. Cool Breezes and falling leaves. Temperatures are hovering in the mid-80s. Yes, that’s fall. The leaves have turned to a crunchy brown and blow in swirls down the street. The oppressive humidity has lifted and you can feel the earth take a breath. Happy sigh.
  3. Costumes! Does that need explaining?
  4. Festus. Festus the Halloween Rat hibernates most of the year but reemerges every fall to scare my children. He’s doing a terrible job this year. If he’s not careful I will feed him to my cat. If you have any ideas, places to hide Festus, please let me know.
  5. Roasting marshmallows. I love gooey, globs of flaming marshmallows. Just screams fall.
  6. Hot apple cider.
    Yummy. Pair this with a warm muffin and I am one happy chick.
  7. Halloween. This actually mixes several things on my list. Costumes and candy.
  8. Candy. Granted, candy is available year round and I can’t think of any candy in particular that I enjoy in the fall. I just want to eat more of it in the fall. Wait. That may be a bad thing.
  9. Festivals! Fall or October in Alabama, is full of festivals: Free Comic Book Day, Greater Gulf State Fair, Shrimp Festival, BayFest, and on and on. Every time I turn around there is some festival going on. Always something to do.
  10. It means Christmas is just around the corner! Bet you didn’t expect that!

There you have it. The top 10 reasons I love fall.

What do you love about fall?

Festus gets in the way, again.

Festus gets in the way, again.



Remember When…Halloween

This is Halloween …..100_7379

Halloween is not what it used to be.  I grew up in a town with two stop lights, back in the bayou. We knew our neighbors and couldn’t walk anywhere without someone calling my mother and telling her where I was and who I was with. I know all about the village raising a child.  We moved in just a few weeks before Hurricane Frederick hit. Because it was a newer subdivision, kids were everywhere. Every house had at least one kid, some had four or five. Point is, packs of us roamed around on a daily basis.

Halloween was the perfect kid holiday. We cut our pumpkins early and put an actual candle inside. My mother forced us to sit still and eat a “real” dinner before we went trick-or-treating. Afterwards, we raced to our rooms, put on our costumes, and grabbed our plastic pumpkins. Mom and dad were waiting by the door to go over the rules:

  • don’t talk to strangers
  • stay to together
  • don’t get in cars with strangers or anyone for that matter
  • come home at 9 oclock
  • don’t eat any candy before we look over it

We’d run outside and walk back up to the door. I’d ring the bell and my dad would yell in a creepy old witch voice, “who is it?”

“Trick or treat” I’d say, barley able to contain my excitement.

Dad would open the door, mom would take a photo and give us each a special treat before sending us out.

Usually, we would meet up with a group of girls and together we’d roam the neighborhood begging for free candy.  Every kid in the neighborhood would be dressed up, going door to door. Older siblings walked with younger children. Even teenagers, I mean high school seniors, went trick or treating. As we walked a few houses would be given the tissue treatment, but mostly it was just fun.   There was even the occasional party with, I kid you not, apple bobbing. Before you start asking if TV was still in black and white, no it was not. This was in the 80s.

Today, trick or treating seems to be a dying event. Maybe it’s because we don’t know our neighbors. I don’t know. Here, neighborhoods have switched to Trunk a Treat or don’t do anything at all. That’s sad. I still look forward to dressing up and going door to door begging for free candy. Is it my favorite holiday? No, but it’s the only one wear I can dress funny and be rewarded for it.

What memories do you have from Halloween?




Row80 Sunday 1

It’s the Sunday edition of Row80. Click here to visit the other blogs and leave a word of encouragement.  It’s been a busy week. The girls had volleyball and football games to attend, not to mention clothes shopping. Yuk! I miss the days when I could go to the store alone, pick it out, and they would gladly wear it. Now they have an opinion on everything. It can be fun but it’s also trying.  Gotta love ’em. On with the goals.


  1.  Edit/review 4 chapters of my WIP per day. I must check for head hopping and rushing the scene. I’m already behind on this, 8 chapters behind.
  2. Be more social online. I’ve become a bit of a hermit. Comment on 4 blogs a week. Check.
  3. Critique one story a week on Critique Circle. I actually critiqued two, last night! Check.
  4. Do the prep work for a new Halloween story stirring around in my brain. I have no clue how to measure that. Most of the prep work has been in my head. I do have a cast of characters and a few scenes plotted.
  5. Get a post office box so my address doesn’t show up on mail chimp. Not yet.
  6. Participate more on author facebook groups. Stop lurking. Again how do I measure that.  I did join in on a conversation.
  7. Write a promotional post for my new release. I have the rough draft written. I wrote one promo for each short story. I think they look snazzy.
  8. Write a guest post for my new release. If anyone is interested in helping read this. I have the rough draft written.
  9. Have new photos taken for promotion-maybe.  Nada.
  10. Learn to like marketing. HA!
  11. Turn in daily assignments for Story Arc class on time. So far so good. I have a long assignment do Thursday and need to work on it today, but so far I am up to date.
  12. Learn the rules to volleyball. My oldest is on the school team and I’m almost clueless. Nada.
  13. Scare my kids with Festus, the stuffed rat. Festus needs help. I have failed in scaring the kids so far. Any ideas?
  14. Decorate for Halloween.  Done!
Festus gets in the way, again.

Festus gets in the way, again.

I think I did OK. It’s been a busy week. Working on the promo stuff made me feel a lot better.

How did your week go?