Curve Ball

Slowly inching along.

Slowly inching along.

Don’t you love it when life throws a curve ball? This week was full of curve balls. Very little has gotten accomplished. We are about to start remodeling my kitchen, unplanned but a long time dream. We will be doing the work ourselves, so I expect this to take forever 🙂

Curves balls seem to come at me when I get comfy in life and/or routine. They can take many forms but they are always interference with what I have planned.

I hate change!

BUT- Curves balls can be good. They push us out of our comfort zone, or hobbit hole, and force us to adapt. They teach us about ourselves. Sometimes not nice things but necessary. For instance, I am not the person you want in an emergency. Like a car accident. I don’t do well with blood or bodily fluids and can’t think clearly from the panic.  I would never survive a dystopian YA novel. I need time to adjust.

While I am adjusting my schedule and Row80 goals, things may go slowly.  Just bare with me.


Red highlights were a total failure.

Blue highlights with constant progress strike-through means completed.

Pink highlights are goals I’m dropping. Really, no surprise there. I hate them.

Green highlights new goals added.

  • Promotion.
    I haven’t sent anything new out.
  • Read 4 books a month.
    Done! I finished Legend by Marie Lu
  • Write two posts a week, not related to Row80. Not this week. I may have time to bank one tonight for later.
  • Stay on top of Critique group.  Completed for now. Meeting is in the morning.
  • Edit/revise “Stella” for possible submission to a contest.
    Not yet.
  • Edit/revise “Mermaid”
    Not yet. I think after Monday I should have time for this. I will make time for this.
  • Edit/revise “Monster” Need to submit this week.
  • Sort through critique remarks on Dead in the Water. Not yet
  • Teach my girls how to make a dress
    Almost finished. She spent the night away Friday and we didn’t get it finished. I hope to have it completed Monday. I had to call my mother-in-law to help with the zipper. I’ve only attempted putting a zipper in a garment once and it looked hideous. Grandma to the rescue.
  • Teach them to properly wash clothes
    Making progress. We went school clothes shopping and my youngest came home and quickly sorted the laundry before putting a load on to wash. She did forget to dry it until she remembered 24 hours later!
  • Teach them how to make one meal from start to finish without help. My oldest learned to make a simple marinade for chicken and whatever veggies left in the refrigerator.
  • Buy school supplies and organize all the school stuff. Still working on this. We have most things sorted into their “crates”. They use these in PE to store stuff so it works well to pack it full of supplies to transport to school on the first day. Still need a lunchbox and blazer.
  • Draw the current kitchen footprint. It’s a tiny galley kitchen. Not much room to work with and it limits what we can do. We are considering putting the wall back up that previous owners took out. I hate the open floor plan.
  • Contact a body at the hardware store to discuss cabinet options and prices. We won’t be using them, but a consult sounds like a good idea.
  • Empty cabinet under stove for stove installation. We have a stove top only at the moment and are putting in a combo. Loosing storage space until we are finished. Bummer.
  • Make a wishlist for the kitchen. This is harder than it sounds. Two corner cabinets I really wanted can not be used because of the current footprint. We would have to move a window and get a smaller sink. Bummer.

Blah! Feeling totally out of place now. Deep breaths. I’m not one for panic attacks but I can see why people have them. I’m going to go eat ice cream. Have a good week.

How do you deal with curve balls?