Reading Habits

This is day 4 of living with my predominant hand in a cast. Please ignore typos. I’m having great difficulties using my left hand only. Why is spellcheck not working? But that is allowing me pleny of time to read.

I decided to download a list of the top 100 mystery books of all time. Read list here. I was surprised by how few I’ve read. And I call myself a mystery writer! So sad.

Since I am recuperating (I’ve already finised 3 books his week) I decided to expand my mystery education.

I bought Agatha Christies Murder on the Orient Express and checked out a copy of Raymond Chandlers The Long Goodbye. I’m looking forward to learning from the masters.

What’s your favorite mystery?


Why I read What I read- It’s a Mystery for Me

I love mysteries.  I started reading them as a child with Encyclopedia Brown and Edgar Allen Poe.  After I quit work, Mysteries were the only thing I read.  They ranged from cozy to suspense and thriller. I wasn’t happy unless someone died.  I still haven’t figured out why people still hung out with J.B. Fletcher.  I don’t like true crime, I like my murderer to be  the child of someone’s imagination.

It’s not the murder I like, or even figuring out who the killer is. If I can figure it out before the protagonist I get cranky.  I want twists and turns, locked rooms, and hot tea. If I want real life drama, I’ll read the paper.  Oh! I forgot we don’t have a paper.  I don’t like the real hard boiled mysteries. I discovered Tony Hillerman while in high school.  Huge crush on Chee.  Mary Higgins Clark kept me busy through College.  They were quickly followed by David Baldacci, Tasha Alexander, and Claire Berlinski. Thank goodness for GoodReads otherwise I’d have to chase these down on the web.

I love those writer’s and I read every book of theirs I can find, but my heart belongs to the cozy.  I know cozies (or cozy’s) are …cozy.  I want a strong, independent female lead.  Bonus points if it is set in the lush green fields of England.  Happy dance if there is a scene with the protagonist drinking a cuppa tea. Why the cozy?  Easy.  Usually, the cozy has great characters, the language and sex is kept to a minimum (remember I have kids who read). They are fun.  Reading is an escape from reality.  The cozy gives me pure enjoyment.   Note- I did just finish a really good mystery City of Dark Magic, I had to hide it under the couch cushions.   Graphic language and sex.  It was awesome. But that’s another blog post.

Some of my favorites are: Anne Ripley, Jenn McKinlay, Laura Childs, Clare O’Donohue, and the queen M.C.Beaton.  Most cozy’s seem to revolve around a theme or hobby.  If you have an interest there is a cozy committing murder around it.  If you don’t believe me, next time you go to the library check out the spinny racks full of mysteries.  Pretty sure 90% of them will be cozy’s.  Or just Google the ladies I mentioned.

Knowing I love the cozy, it’s no surprise my first attempt at writing a novel was a cozy.

If I didn’t name your favorite mystery writer, tell me who they are.  I’d love to give them a read.