Silver Springs

Silver Springs State Park

If you’ve never visited Silver Springs State Park, you may not be aware of all it has to offer. Click here. Most are familiar with the glass bottom boat ride and that’s it. But there is much more to it than that. I  remember visiting the park when I was about 10. The glass bottom boat sticks out most in my mind– that and the monkeys. Yes, I said monkeys;) I apologize for all the photos.


Silver Springs is a park with multiple fresh water springs. The water is crystal clear to bright, clear blue. The blue areas seem to

be deeper. In some areas it is 85 feet deep, it only looks about 25 ft deep. Remember that if you decide to go kayaking. Swimming isn’t allowed where we were. And really, it’s covered with gators! This little guy was sleeping on the bank. A much larger gator decided to swim around us later on on the kayak trip. My youngest daughter was scared he would knock her off the boat. He didn’t. He was more concerned with swimming to the other side of the river.  

We also had a chance to spot the elusive Rhesus monkeys that live in forests surrounding the river.  Ages ago, Tarzan was filmed at Silver Springs. The old black and white shows. After filming they just turned them loose. They also filmed parts of the old Creature from the Black Lagoon and the James Bond film Moonraker.

There are a few hiking/walking trails surrounding the park. They give you the opportunity to see the natural surroundings. We came across turtles, birds, bunnies, and snakes. Watch where you step.

The big draw to the park is the glass bottom boat. Out pilot has been leading boat tours since 1955! He was awesome. He showed us where some of the springs bubbled through cracks in the river and pointed out wildlife that might have slipped by us. One of the most interesting things, only visible by glass bottom boat, is a sunken Spanish ship/boat. Most of the boat has rotted away but enough is left to make out it was a boat.

So how clear is the water? I’m glad you asked. This photo was taken from an overlook on the walkway next to one of the deepest sections of the river. Near where you board the boats. I think it is 85 feet deep here. It was gorgeous. I will leave you with one more photo. My oldest fell in love with all the Spanish moss. We have dozens of photos of just moss 😉


Happy Travels,


Rainy Spring Break

It never fails. Spring break is always rainy. We had one nice day, but the forecast looks bad for the rest of the week. It also means I have kids at home who want to run the roads. That translates to very little writing. I have hopes to get a little accomplished today.

I’m trying the color code method again.

Red highlights were a total failure.

Blue highlights were either constant progress, which I count as a success or completed.

Round 2 Goals:

  • New Release to publish. Nope.
  • Promotion. That’s a four letter word! I need to promote the new release. Contact three sites/peeps a week on promotion opportunities. I have a little time before this. It’s not out yet.
  • Camp NaNoWriMo.  I need to write 6,000 words a week. I’m a little behind. Only 1,398 so far this week.
  • Read 4 books a month. I started Soldiers of Fortune, book 6 in the Miss Fortune Mystery Series. This series cracks me up. 
  • Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering. Nope!Currently I’m trying to find out what mythical creature is wearing all the clothes that keep showing up in the laundry. We haven’t worn sweaters in months!
  • Spend 15 minutes a day on moving my behind. 1/2 days so far this week. I walked for an hour on Monday. Does that count for the week?
  • Write two posts a week, not related to Row80. Yes!
  • Stop binge watching Netflix. Seriously! I just finished watching season 2 of Daredevil. Total fail this week. Insomnia leads to binge watching.
  • Cut the processed foodsThree meals a week with no processed junk. I regret this already. Nope!
  • Eat fresh veggiesTwo meals a week with something fresh. No frozen! Exchange one snack a day with a healthy snack. Yesterday I had a coke float for lunch. That’s where I am this week.
  • Stay on top of Critique group. I’ve read 2 and have 3 left.

It’s not starting off as a great week. I’m giving myself a bit of wiggle room because the kids are home. We have plans most days to do something fun. I’m hoping to take them to see Batman vs. Superman. A new museum opened downtown on the Gulf of Mexico, that’s also on the list.  The girls are tween/teenagers and won’t be sweet for much longer so I will gladly toss my goals aside to spend time with them. memories are important.

How did your week go?