WIP- New charachter Needed

I have 7 stories in my WIP, a series of short fantasy stories set in the swamps of Southern Alabama.  I have an idea for the 8th story, but no character.  Actually, I have an idea for who the character is, just not what she is.  She’s not human.  The plot revolves around denial. There’s a few species that I’m toying with, but can’t make a decision.  I thought it would be fun to let my readers help make the decision.  I have included:

  • mermaids
  • a witch
  • a dragon
  • a brownie (not the girl scout kind)
  • a fairy
  • ghosts

I can revisit the same races already used, or we can bring in a new race.  I will say I’m not interested in Zombies.  I’m pretty sure Zombies would not survive in the swamp, too many predators available to eat them.  I’ve thought about a few different possibilities, but was curious if someone else has one I haven’t thought of yet.

Hopefully, I’ll get lots of responses.  On the same subject.  What race of creature are you writing about?