Grab a Glass or Cup


There are many styles of glasses in the South. Some not quiet as famous as the canning jar. Although, I do have a set of them. The red solo cup even has it’s own song. I was going to post the video, but could only find the unedited version. I’ll let you google it on your own.

If you come to my house there are four types of glasses we use. Each has a distinctive purpose. Each has it’s on style. I do have a set of nice stemware, but let’s be real. That only comes out on holidays.

  • The Tervis cup. I don’t know if this is a Southern thing or not, but you can’t throw a mullet without hitting someone walking around with this insulated glass. It is the standard beverage holder in my house. We each have our favorites. Mine has Wolverine. They hold both hot and cold so they’re versatile. They even come with lids, perfect for a road trip.
  • The Mardi Gras cup. These must be caught in the wilds of downtown during Mardi Gras season. They can hurt when you get hit in the head, duck. Since they are free and easily replaced they’re perfect for outdoor use. My hubby likes to use them to put out grill fires. They don’t have to have Mardi Gras on them to work. Most small businesses and eateries have heir own version. When kids have friends over these are the cups we use.
  • The Jelly or canning jar. No I do not have any with a stem! When my girls were transitioning from sippy cups to real glasses I bought a case of these. The small jars fit nicely in tiny hands and were solid enough not to break easily. I think only three have survived. Larger versions can be found at every catfish shack and bar-b-q joint in the south.
  • The red solo cup. Otherwise known as the party cup of the South. If your coming to a grill party or birthday party, you will receive one with your name written in black marker. It’s quick and easy. These genius little cups have a dual purpose. They make great ice cream bowls! You’ve already got them. Why buy bowls? Granted they now sell plastic cups in many different colors, but red is the house color.

I know, you really didn’t need to know what’s in my cabinet. Drinking utensils are basic. We all have favorites. They fit our personalities and lifestyle. The same is true of the characters we write about. You probably won’t set out to write a character who only uses a canning jar, but if your character has a favorite drink it will influence the type of glass they use. If they have a penchant for drinking multiple cups of coffee each morning, they will have a favorite mug. I’m willing to bet it’s a big one too. If they’re always on the run, practically living in their car, then a travel cup or mug would fit them better than a cheap plastic cup.

It’s a small thing but it adds to the layers of your character.

What does your protagonist drink from?