Cover Reveal- Tales of Christmas in the South

Tales of Christmas in the South

Tales from Christmas in the South - High Resolution

Release Date: October 1, 2015
Blurb: Tales of Christmas in the South, is a collection of three short stories. All three stories reflect different aspects of the holiday season. Enjoy laughter, tears, and the magic of Christmas in one volume.
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Includes the never before published, Miniature Desires. Spinster Ms. Stallworth has a hard time with the modern world. Bombarded with tacky blowup Santas and inconsiderate children, she dreams of being part of the Christmas village she displays each holiday season.
The Christmas Gift, is a bittersweet Christian short story of love and loss. Laurel faces the first Christmas without her husband. In her search for decorations she discovers a gift left by her deceased husband.
What holiday season is complete without fruitcake? The Fruitcake, is a humorous short story about the dreaded holiday classic. Retirement’s not what Robert expected. His wife feeds him twigs and is afraid of mailbox bombs. If that’s not enough a fruitcake shows up on his doorstep. Fruitcakes may be a Southern tradition, but it’s one Robert can do without. Find out how he deals with the holiday classic.
Tales of Christmas in the South is a quick read just in time for the Christmas season.




Christmas In July- Behind the Fruitcake

A little background on, The Fruitcake.

Fruitcake - High Resolution
First, it’s not about a crazy person. Although, the grandfather does overact a bit over fruitcakes. The story actually evolved out of a real event that occurred when I was in high school. I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll just say it’s loosely based on fact. Replace the grandfather/grandson with board teenagers.
There is a misconception that I do not appreciate/like fruitcake. That’s not entirely true. I like good fruitcake. I hate bad fruitcake. Good fruitcake is made with dried fruits and nuts, and uses unnaturally colored cherries for decoration only. Bad fruitcake is… the opposite. It’s like cheap flip flops, you know it when you see it.

Making Fruitcake.

My Grandmother made fruitcake every year for Christmas. It was a dark cake with the traditional sugared fruits and bright cherries. It wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t Christmas without it. As she grew older, I started to make fruitcake, using her recipe. After a try or two, I switched out the traditional fruit for real dried fruit. Talk about a light bulb moment. It was wonderful.
When you decide to make fruitcake, it’s not a simple endeavor. It’s a huge commitment. I’m talking- clear the entire day of anything and mark it on the calendar type of commitment. My grandmother’s recipe takes 3 bowls large enough to bathe a great dane. It also takes time. Most of the day. The recipe makes 3 cakes, and cooks slowly. I usually take one cake to my in-laws and cook it there. I’m nice and let them keep it.
The directions on my grandmother’s recipe calls for pouring sherry over the cooled bread. I find that funny, I’m Baptist and my parents and grandparents were teetotalers. My dad says, the recipes came from my great grandmother, who did pour sherry over the cakes. Of course this is the same woman I hear stories about loving wrestling to the point of hostility when told it was fake.
I don’t make fruitcake every year. Most years, I buy cute little cupcakes from a local bakery. I nearly pass out from the cost, but it saves me a day in the kitchen. I go around to family members who adore the heavy cake and fill their stockings. It makes them happy. Do I eat it…no. Not usually.

Is there a Christmas treat your family loves that is not your favorite?


Christmas in July

Christmas in July, or it’s too darn hot outside.

photo by David Wagner

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little winter relief. Between the heat and humidity I feel like I’m living in a heavy, wet blanket.  Just looking at the photo makes me feel cooler. Well, almost. It’s been almost a year since I published my short story, The Fruitcake and I feel like having a little Christmas fun in July. I hope to have an announcement at the first of August, keep your fingers crossed.  This month my regular posts will have a hint of Christmas. For now, I leave you with the thought of snow. That’s more of a fantasy here!

What’s your favorite winter/Christmas activity?