Guest Post- Gloria Weber

Today we have a guest post from Speculative Fiction writer, Gloria Weber. She has an awesome new release, which magically popped on my Kindle this morning. 

Gloria Weber

Thank you so much for having me here, Caren!  I appreciate the support and hope your blog readers enjoy my post.

So that we’re all on the same page, let me tell you about my book, UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS.

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 Super Blurb Powers Activate!Welcome to Trowbridge City. It’s home to superheroes, maniacal villains, and everyday citizens. The stories here aren’t about good versus evil, but about hard choices, prejudices, and experiences complicated by superpowers.

Lemon “Em” Law is a super genius and she’s also the daughter of Trowbridge’s most infamous super villain, Yellow Fellow. After being fired, bullied by her professor, and dumped all in the same day there’s only one thing she can do! And that’s work on her thesis. Truth is, the last thing Em wants to be is evil. Unfortunately that thesis of hers is so revolutionary it could be dangerous. Is she ready to learn the secrets behind the masks?

So, yeah.  This is a superhero story.  And, yeah, I named my main character Lemon.  I did it for reasons!  Okay, reasons isn’t a real reason.  But, today, I’ll share some of real reasons and decisions that went into shaping Lemon “Em” Law into a character.

(Because the origin story behind the book’s idea is a little boring and sad.  Long version: I spent summer binge watching ONCE UPON A TIME and reading comics.)

Let’s get to know Lemon!

Name: Lemon Law (Nickname: Em)

Inline image 1While her mother had reasons for naming her Lemon, I named her this because of a Superman cover.  We actually had owned this issue, but recently we sold it to our local comic shop, because we aren’t really Superman fans.  Why did her mom name her Lemon?  Her hair is naturally bright yellow (she dyes it blonde).

Mother: Nelly Law

Nelly gets her own “special issue” in the back of the book, so I won’t be giving away too much.  But how does one end up having a super villain’s kid?  I was inspired by an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS (can’t remember which one, though).  They were looking into murders done by a dead serial killer and their investigation looked into his groupies.  So, she became a super villain groupie!

Father: Yellow Fellow (Super Villain)

If you didn’t guess by his name, this is where Lemon gets her yellow hair.  Why is his hair yellow?  That’s in yet to be revealed origin story!  A story Lemon wants to find out (so she can avoid repeating it).  The only other thing she inherited (thankfully) was his genius.  As for his name, I wanted him to have an urban legend sort of feel like “Bloody Mary.

Superpower: Genius

There realistic depictions of genius and then there’s Amadeus Cho (currently he’s TOTALLY AWESOME HULK) and Reed Richards (FANTASTIC FOUR).  There’s an unrealistic level of genius in comics and that’s why I gave Lemon an established career (Architect) and continued her education (PhD in Criminal Psychology).  She also has two bachelor’s degrees she’s doing nothing with despite not even being old enough to drink alcohol.

What are Lemon’s weaknesses?  Does she find out her father’s origins?  Didn’t her blurb mention a(n ex) boyfriend?  Who is he?  Who are the other villains and the heroes of Trowbridge?

Inline image 2The only way to find out more is to get the book!
(e-book $2.99 * print $9.99)

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