It’s Good to be Home

My first selfie!

My first selfie!

I spent last week in San Antonio. It was a great trip, but I am glad to be home. It was kind of a family history vacation. My mom grew up there and we spent many vacations in Texas. This was the first visit for my husband and kids. I had the fun of taking them to the places I remembered from childhood and others that had to do with family lore. I’ll have more on my trip in later posts.

Today marks three weeks to the end of round 2 of #row80. Hard to believe. Since I was on vacation the only goal I worked on was reading. I finished two books. It’s a loooooooong drive to Texas. Because of that I have re-evaluated my goals. If you want to read my original goals you can find them here.

Let’s get on with it. There are two anthologies I want to submit to and that will take precedence in my goals. One deadline is in July. I’ve dropped the others.


Round 2 Goals:

Red highlights were a total failure.

Blue highlights were either constant progress, which I count as a success or completed.

Pink highlights are goals Iโ€™m dropping. Really, no surprise there. I hate them.

  • Promotion.
  • Read 4 books a month.Finished Revenge of the Chili Queens and Black Cat Crossing. Enjoyed reading them both and am looking forward to book 2 in the Bad Luck Cat series. Both books are set in Texas, which is why I took them with me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve read 33/52 books for the year.
  • Write two posts a week, not related to Row80. yes. I think I did. I wrote them before I left ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Stay on top of Critique group.ย  3/6 so far. I need to work on my submission as well.
  • Edit/revise โ€œStellaโ€ for possible submission to a contest. It needs to be tightened.
  • Edit/revise “Mermaid”- This has been through critique group and I need to address issues.
  • Edit/revise “Monster”- I have a rough, rough draft. It needs the most work and has the least amount of time.

All three are short stories, less than 7,000 words. With an hour each day at swim practice I should be able to get a handle on these.

There you go. I have 3 weeks to get this wrapped up. I better get to work. The kids are huddled around Netflix with Phineas and Ferb.

How is the last few weeks looking for you?




Vacation Planning

I’ve been busy planning summer vacation. We haven’t traveled in a while, so I am really looking forward to this. No, I will not tell you when I’m leaving. Let’s be real. It is this summer, before August. Where am I going?

San Antonio, Texas

Actually, I’ve been planning this trip for years on Pinterest. This is a special trip. My mother (Hi Mom!) grew up in San Antonio and she would take us there every few years. My children have never been. This trip is like reliving my childhood and sharing family history with the wee ones all at the same time. So I am really excited.

Things I will not do in Texas:

  • Camping– I did look into a dude ranch that takes tourist on a camping trip. It was expensive and they stop camping in February. I imagine because it’s too hot after that and the tourist might burst into flames. My hubby really wants to go camping. Dude, they have tarantulas! He should know me better by now.
  • Theme parks– I’m not driving 9 hours to go to a theme park. I live next to Florida. You can’t walk a block without running into a theme park.
  • Eat fast food– I may have to break this one, but I’ll try hard not to. San Antonio is like New Orleans, you plan your day around where you want to eat.
  • Buy souvenirs– Unless you include the ice chest I plan on stuffing with food before I leave as souvenirs. Truly, it’s all about the food.

Things I will do in Texas:

  • Walk everywhere– Once I reach San Antonio, my sedentary lifestyle will come to an abrupt halt. I plan on walking all over the city. The Alamo, El Mercado, The River Walk, Breckenridge Park- all of these places will be thoroughly enjoyed and explored.
  • Explore a cave– Believe it or not, San Antonio has 3 or 4 caves within a short driving distance. I don’t know which one we will visit. I love caves. Let me know if you have been to one.
  • Meet Zebras– That’s right, zebras. My youngest loves Zebras and amazingly enough there is a wildlife park that has free range zebras. You can drive your car around and they walk up to the window. I hope we don’t get drooled on.
  • Tubing– Texas is a dry state, not alcohol wise. They do have a few rivers that are known for tubing. My oldest wants to try this. Again, no decision on where.
  • Walk through the St. Anthony Hotel– My great grandparents meet at this swanky hotel. One was a cook the other a maid. My great grandmother was an immigrant from Sweden and didn’t speak English or Spanish. I know there’s a story there.
  • Visit Mission Espada– Family history says we have peeps buried here. I don’t know if it’s true, but a visit should be fun.

That’s all so far. I’m still planning and need to make reservations. If you have been to San Antonio let me know where I should visit and eat. I have plans to eat at Mi Tierra’s twice, maybe more ๐Ÿ™‚ We love mexican and BBQ. Actually we love it all.

Where do you want to go this summer?