Writing Class

In the Spring I joined Sisters in Crime  (SinC), an organization of mystery writers.  I also joined their Guppy group. Guppy- the great unpublished. They offer writing classes on a regular basis. I just finished my first one. Which is part of the reason, why my blog has been so quiet.

The class was on Scene Creation, taught by Pat Kay. I knew nothing about the teacher and very little about the class. I didn’t even know how you take a class online. It was amazing. Every few days a new lesson arrived in my inbox. I would read the lesson and then complete the homework using my WIP. I used my novel, Dead in the Water.

I was feeling pretty good about the WIP, until class started. AHHHHHH! Talk about a learning experience. Pat gave great feedback on what worked and what didn’t. She was very kind and spent a lot of time reading our homework and discussing it with us.

Now I need to go back, using what I have learned and edit/polish Dead in the Water.  One of the most valuable things I learned is, I tend to head hop. I never really noticed it before, but she called me on it a few times. Another great thing was she helped me through the beginning of my book. We’ve all heard how important those first 10 pages are.  Now, I know what changes I need to make for a better beginning.

All in all, I see a stronger manuscript in the near future.

Have you taken any writing classes lately?