Monday Mind Prompt- Christmas in July Edition

It’s Christmas Eve, you open the door and find a wrapped gift on your doorstep.  There’s no card giving a clue to who it’s from. Do you open it? If so, what’s inside?

Monday Mind Prompt

Here’s something new for a writing prompt.  I jumped over to pinterest and chose the first 3 items on my page.

Use the following three words in a story:

a ball of yarn     a highlighter       an ear

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Mind Prompt Monday

Story Starter:

I’m no criminal mastermind.  Once as a teen, I stole a T-shirt.  It was Spring Break and we were playing a vicious game of Truth or Dare.  I remember the smell of fresh fudge, my palms sweating, and my heart thumping. I snatched the shirt and crammed it in my beach bag before running for the door. I was sick to my stomach for a week and ended up throwing the shirt away. To this day I can’t stand the smell of fudge.  That same sick feeling is back.  The events of the passed week replayed in my mind.  But the question remained.  What do I do now?